Sunday, August 23, 2009

Customer Service - Hah!

First, I want to thank everyone for all of the wonderful birthday wishes. I'll back to write on those and comments later.

The thing that's really starting to get to me is the lack of customer service. Back in the old days, there was an overwhelming belief that "the customer is always right." Companies and their employees bent over backwards to make sure the customer's experience was a wonderful one and that they would return. If you went to a department store, a sales person would accompany you. They would wrap, carry and even deliver your packages.

Then, something happened. A discount store opened (I really do forget which one). If you're willing to give up some of that pampering, if you can push a shopping cart, and put your packages in your car all by yourself, then you can shop here for less money. As you know, that caught on like a wild fire.

Then, over time changes have snowballed. You could call customer service if you needed help with something. Then, they (corporations) sent the customer support jobs overseas to people who don't speak English as a first language. This was frustrating, so we started emailing customer service. That could take days to get a response, and the response never really answers our questions. Then came on the online LIVE help. But, you have to register and wait by your computer and they just send you to a link that doesn't answer your specific question either.

But, NOW, here's the ultimate demise of customer service, the latest trend ... post your question to a forum where someone may or may not answer you. If they don't answer you, what can you do?...Post another question. Oh, I almost forgot, AND you have to register with the site in order to post your question. So, you're handing out your name, phone number and address to some big company who can sell your information and make money on you just because their service or product isn't working.

Here is actual text from Hotmail's new "Windows Live Solution Center" (that's an optimistic title):
Q: Why did Microsoft change Windows Live Hotmail’s support offering?
A: Microsoft understands that users don’t want to email a support agent unless they absolutely have to. Users want the ability to solve their own problem – and solve it quickly. Windows Live Hotmail Online Solutions Center brings together the expertise of skilled moderators, Windows Live Hotmail employees, and knowledgeable Hotmail customers. Customers will be closer to the latest information than ever before.

WLHSC deepens customer relationship by offering timely and relevant solutions along with educational resources; reinforcing the Microsoft brand values and fostering loyalty and earning customer trust.

Q: I don’t want to use the Solution Center? How do I contact someone at Microsoft directly?
A: We don’t offer any direct phone or email support for Windows Live Hotmail. Our moderators and ambassadors are always available so posting through the WLHSC is your best way to contact us directly.

I didn't mean for this to be so long, but I'm irritated, lol.


Carol 5:47 AM  

You know it, it gets so tiring to work things out when on the phone to Mexico or even farther. I come from a small town and we still have great service mostly because we know each other. Maybe we are too big and no one knows the other. Sad

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