Thursday, August 20, 2009

Grasping Blogging

When blogging first came about, I couldn't really get into the swing (or really the understanding of) posting information on top of information. What I wanted to say needed to stay on top. Whenever I had additional information, I just edited the posts. It was like trying to make a webpage on a blog and it wasn't fitting into my scheme of things, so I made one blog after another. Each one basically had one thing to say. Of course, no one ever visited those blogs, and I quickly got bored with them, so they sank further and deeper into obscurity. Now, three years later (at least), I find myself with a whole new set of blogs. This time, while I still made a new blog for each "theme", I'm slowly getting into posting correctly, allowing old information to hide away in the archives. I spend a lot of time going from tab to tab posting what I want to say and still, never really saying anything of any importance. Its more of a series of announcements. Kind of a longer version of Twitter, but not as many options as Facebook.

My mind wonders often and I think about blogging about this, that or the other, so I make a note to make a new blog for that category. It takes me forever to get around to it so I end up with a stack of little notes on the edge of my desk, full of great ideas, I'm sure, but buried forever in my real-world archive.

Thinking maybe I would make one all encompassing blog to voice my thoughts, feelings, experiences and other miscellaneous boring information that no one else will find interesting, I started trying to come up with a name that I liked. Every single one was taken. Then, out of curiosity, I decided to try one from three years ago that I had abandoned, and lo and behold it was still here. "A Faded Rose" is taken from an old song, "Delta Dawn" that was playing in my head one night out of nowhere but from a simpler, less stressful time in my life; so I thought it completely appropriate to use that for my newest blog.

So, here it is. This is my intro. More about me later. If you like what you read, tell a friend. Spread the love, share the craziness, laugh and cry at the wonders of life.

Thank you.


Only me 6:18 AM  

You remind me so much of myself. I'm still sitting with about 6 blogs. Slowly I'm realising which ones I update more on a regular basis and will delete the others soon. Maybe even try and merge them somehow. Good luck, looking forward to hear more about your life.

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