Friday, September 25, 2009

This Week In Review

I had a fairly boring, insignificant week but had a lot I wanted to post about and just didn't get around to it. So, I hope to follow up on those topics later. They were/are all very important topics such as grocery shopping, weather, bad hair days, etc. and I'm sure you'll be sitting on pins and needles until I get them posted, but you'll have to wait.

I hope to get caught up this weekend on everyone's blog suggestions and do a lot more writing.

As far as my "challenge" goes,... so far, I've made $4.32 online this week. Yay! A far cry from the $100/day goal, but still, a step in the right direction. More on this later, too. A lot of the retail stores around here are beginning to hire part-time help for the holidays, so I need to follow through on that, also. Man, I've got A LOT to do! I better get busy, and fast!

I just wanted to leave you with this email that I received, because I know you all deserve to receive it, too (it was titled "Hey Gorgeous):

.... This is for you gorgeous ...

Today is National 'HOLY SHIT, YOU'RE HOT' Day!

Send this to someone gorgeous,

but don't send it back to me,

I've been getting this message all freakin' day!



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