Monday, November 23, 2009

Catch up

Wow! I can't believe I've been away from this for over 6 weeks. Great way to build traffic, huh?! So much has been going on its just overwhelming. I'll try to come back and go more in depth later so that people who are going through the same trials and tribulations as us can maybe benefit from our experiences.

My husband had the RFA (radio frequency ablation). It went great! This is truly a miracle of modern medicine! Then, he returned to the hospital a couple of days later to have his port installed. Anyone who is going to be receiving chemotherapy really should see about getting one of these. It is so much better than not having one. Then, a couple of weeks later, he took an ambulance ride to the emergency room. It turns out he had a gallstone. The pain was horrendous. They removed the stone and then 2 days later removed his gallbladder. THEN, a week after that, he came down with pneumonia!

Like I said, things have been crazy. He started chemo last week but still has the pneumonia. We have to wait 4 weeks before they'll do a bronchoscopy to verify the pneumonia. This Wednesday he goes in to have a stint removed that was inserted after the gallstone was removed.

I'll be updated my blog header, background, etc. for a whole new look within the week.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


"BUTTERY"fly 10:18 PM  

Welcome back! Nice to hear that you've been taking it all positively..I wish well for the hub.
Keep the faith!


Rose 6:17 AM  

Thank you so much for all of your well wishes and encouragement! It means a lot to me!

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