Sunday, November 29, 2009


I have had a wonderful, relaxing "stay-cation" these past few days! I think I needed some time to do nothing, relax, not watch the clock, etc.

Thursday was Thanksgiving and my dear sweet giving mother had it at her house again. She doesn't want any help until I get there then its 'well, I could've used some help hours ago!' So, I had a couple of glasses of wine and enjoyed the rest of the evening.

Friday we had to go to the doctor so my husband could have some blood work done, then we went out for lunch, which was nice. Afterwards, I just putzed around the house and fiddled with some crafts and that night we watched a dvd - I'm too embarrassed to say which one because it was just too stupid.

Saturday, I went to see Julie & Julia with my parents and one of my daughters. It was such a good movie! I'm inspired to blog a lot more from watching it - so watch out. You can look forward to a lot more posts about nothing, lol.

Today - I should get some stuff done but just wanted to let everyone know that no matter what you have going on - take time for yourself. If you're caring for someone, get some help, even if just for a day. You'll feel better and be a better caretaker for having done it.


Mister GAG 10:15 AM  

You have, actually, inspired me to check out this movie, and I got to say I was pleasantly surprised watching it. :)

Excellent content you write on here!

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