Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Fat Jeans

Ugh! The after Thanksgiving blues. Having to return to work after four days of lounging around doing nothing, relaxing, having a good time was made even worse when I had to trade in my pajama pants for jeans, AND, on top of that - I had to get out my FAT jeans! I gained 5 pounds in 4 days! 5 pounds that took me like 2 months to lose in the first place. Oh well, back to it I guess. Starting today, no more pumpkin pie with whipped creme for breakfast and dinner. Starting today I'll have eggbeaters for breakfast, write down everything I eat, drink more water and get on the treadmill, ugh! Wish me luck! BUT - no matter what - I'm having pumpkin pie on Christmas :)


Sorcerer 4:02 AM  

stumbled across your blog
nyway!! who cares about..being Fat..
even Santa is Fat
(I know there are not much socially acceptable F words)

Rose 3:28 AM  

that's so true :)

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