Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Far Behind

I'm so far behind on my "to do" list because I basically have done nothing but watch movies during the holiday off days. It was very relaxing and rejuvenating and totally necessary. I have so much to write about but don't have time enough this morning. So, coming up, I want to share what I thought about the endless number of movies I watched the past 2 weeks, one book review (I felt it was a total scam) and an update on my husband's chemo, etc. I'm starting to think I can keep this blog, but then maybe I should make additional blogs to categorize the things I write about. But then, I start thinking that would be a lot of extra work. What do you think?


Inge' 6:42 AM  

I think we all got a little behind in our blogging during the holidays!

I am looking forward to reading your movie reviews and hearing how your hubby is holding up.

I also thought of starting another blog because mine takes so many directions, but , like you felt it would be a lot of extra work. Since I have a hard enough time just keeping up with one, I vote one blog!

The way I look at it, our lives and minds take many different directions, so my blog reflects that.

Glad you are "back"!

Rose 4:23 AM  

Inge - I keep bouncing back and forth, but I think you're right. I can't keep up with this one most weeks, and the whole "purpose" of it was so I could post whatever I wanted without worrying about it being "niche related". Maybe further down the road, if I get organized better I'll then take the posts related to cancer, or making money online, or book reviews and copy them to niche blogs, but I'll probably never get around to it.

maggie 1:54 PM  

I am always behind but,what the heck, it will all be waiting tomorrow or next week or whenever.
Never feel guilty about taking care of yourself.
Starting another blog seemed like a good idea to me too but now I am sorry I did because I don't have the time to write in them all so I ended up writing practically nothing in any of them.
Your blog is terrific just the way it is....if it ain't broke don't fix it.

Rose 6:14 PM  

thank you, Maggie - you're right. I don't have time to write in this one as much as I'd love to. Maybe later, when I get to where I have more free time (will that ever happen?), I'll diversify :)

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