Sunday, January 17, 2010


I go through long spurts of not being able to accomplish anything. Although my intentions are good, I always manage to talk myself into procrastination. Because of my husband's illness and working longer hours and the dark, grey, depression of winter, I've put off a lot of things that need to be done around here. Things pile up, nothing gets thrown away and I'd clean just enough to not be embarrassed if someone stopped by. I live by the old Erma Bombeck way of thinking, if I clean it up, it'll just get messy again in a week or two, so why bother?! (I love all of her books - she was inspirational when I was growing up, lol).

But then, I go to someone's house that is worse than mine, and I think "how/why would you live this way?!" and I found myself picking things up, throwing things away, and I realized, why don't I just do this at my house? It inspired me like nothing else could. I spent the day throwing things away: junk mail, freebies I had collected from here and there, old straws, matchbooks, and I started finding a lot of things that I had "borrowed" ages ago from people, so I started bagging those items to be returned to their owners (bet they'll be surprised).

I think it was therapeutic in a way. Clutter can bring you down and make you feel like you're buried and when life is a little rough anyway, breaking through the clutter can be liberating and gave me a fresh outlook.


Mr. Stupid 3:22 AM  

Clutter can surely bring you down. Well, I have found so many things that I might have borrowed a few years back. They all get buried as a loss, but when they are returned, the owner gets a surprise but a happiness that is worth seeing.
Have a great day!:)

Inge' 2:29 PM  

I also grew up on Erma Bombeck! I think it is good that you are "de-cluttering". Cleaning the physical has a way of clearing the mental.

I applaud your efforts. Now, if I could just follow your lead:)

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