Sunday, May 23, 2010


Last October or November my husband had an RFA to remove this small tumor/nodule on his lung. I wrote about it in November. Now he has a new cancerous nodule even though he's been going through chemotherapy all this time and we want to have another RFA to remove it. We just found out the insurance company rejected the first one. They called it an experimental procedure. We were shocked. Had we asked for his lung to be removed, they would have covered that because it is standard procedure, but this miracle of modern medicine, this procedure that leaves hole the size of a pin and is done as an outpatient procedure and only costs $1200, they won't cover.

Unfortunately, we don't have $1200 to pay for the last one and we don't have another $1200 to pay for the next one, so I'm trying to raise money. I'm going to start selling my artwork on Etsy (I opened shop a while back, but never listed anything except one little photo), selling my used books on Amazon, and anything that's not nailed down on Ebay. Also, as you can see, I've added ads. Its probably against the rules to ask people to click on the ads, except for the adgitize ones - I can ask you to click those. So, if anything seems of interest, please click.

I'll add links in the coming week to my etsy store, amazon listings and ebay listings. Thank you in advance for your support and prayers. It means a lot to us.


Lori A. Dunn 2:54 PM  

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Rose 11:31 AM  

Thank you, Lori. I welcome all money-making ideas. That one probably isn't for me, but I did visit your webpage.


Rose, I must say you are one strong lady to stay by your man and seeking opportunities to generate more income.

Continue to stay strong, girlfriend! All the best!

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